Monday, 4 February 2008

the avenging force

The past few days I've just been working on one drawing (well.. in between playing Contact, watching Dexter and cinema trips). I thought it would be interesting to take some process photos. I wish I'd been able to have the boar in it's original pose, it was much more interesting. For some unknown reason there is a real lack of reference photos of boars charging forwards.


Tom Scholes said...

This is really cool to see alice :D

Danomight said...

Whoa, really awesome. It's great to see the image emerge from the chaos that it began as. Can't wait til you post the final.

How are you liking Contact? Thought about getting it :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Al.

I f***ing love the artwork for the album. I like that Japanese woman even more. Entourage III part 1 is not getting watched as fast as I'd like.

xxx hat