Thursday, 13 March 2008

hey kid do you like music?

Here is the finished tiger! More info can be found here

Monday, 10 March 2008

tiger process (edited - forgot final step!)

So I thought I'd post a run down of my frequent process on this ridiculous tiger face. It starts off with a drawing scanned in to photoshop - below is the drawing with an overlay layer of colours. For some reason I always choose primaries. I just don't know why - they call to me.

After every step I flatten the image again - I'd prefer not to but this is for print and my laptop can't handle the working filesize of more than a couple of layers. I think this is approximately 8% of the working size. So here there is a multiply layer over the top with some rough colours. It is at this stage that the asymmetry of the face begins to bother me.

The brown background was distracting so I made it white - new layer. Normal this time. Helps to see the overall shapes. I am reminded of the Beta Band's tiger face album cover but plough on regardless.

Okay, so here I've tried to sort out some of the small things that were bothering me, like the length of the tusks and some of the angles of the face. Transform tool.

Now I start putting more colours in (again with the primaries! I hadn't realised that was all I used!) on a soft light layer. From here on out its just rendering. At this stage the orginal drawing is pretty much all covered up, with some areas of texture showing through. Still, I find it useful to draw first, even if it does seem to double the amount of time spent on work.

Finished? Nearly... now I just need to add the electricity shooting out of its eyes

Sunday, 9 March 2008

more tiger

uh, yeah. Symmetry is hard. Also, tusks?

inappropriately attractive character design

sketch and the final for last weeks character of the week - unfortunately the topic was 'hot male vampire pin-up'. Obviously it had to be cowboys. I saved the process but looking back its incredibly unhelpful.

Sunday, 2 March 2008

AF cover process

Okay, I'm cheating, I'll admit it. This post was backdated. I just didn't want this tired old stuff on the front page, but I did want it on here. I'm not sure how I forgot to post it. I'm always fascinated how just adding a lighter colour brings clarity to everything.

Saturday, 1 March 2008


drawing for college - is coloured but requires further noodling before it's internet worthy. It's for a book cover hence composition

not quite sure how to answer questions with blogger, is commenting underneath best when there's no reply email address? anyway, since I was asked: medium of choice at the moment seems to be pencil and photoshop. And Contact is interesting but the gameplay is a bit crap. If its cheap and you don't mind some tedious level grinding its worth it, but otherwise maybe don't bother. Thanks for visiting!