Wednesday, 13 May 2009

making ghosts fin

Yo yo. Well I finished this a while ago but I wasn't particularly thrilled by it... but now it's been done for a month or two I can look back with nostalgic fondness. Look at what I did, all that time ago.


Anonymous said...

I love that picture. I really, truely do. Will it be aviable as a print somewhere? I'd love to put it on my wall :)

Cadwell said...

Well, I am particularly thrilled with it. It's wonderful.

Jens said...

It's cool, mayby the sketch has something more powerfull. The paper cuttings on the floor are interesting, but not so fond of the candles

Celine said...

Your color sense really shows with this one. Your paintings are so inspiring and magical; please update more.

Javier Alejandro Toledo Cruz said...

I always said this is the future and I'm right

Bombproof said...

Really cool. I just saw your stuff at

Dario said...

I hope make me to understand in my english language. I speak spanish, but the pictures and colours have a strong that to like me and inspire my imagination.

It's wonderful

A hug

Me ha encantado la magia de tus obras y la fuerza del color. Tus imagenes son una inspiraciĆ³n para mi. Un abrazo

Nikolas said...

hello, that soft,
and evocative
Digital painting is new to me
unfinished drawings on the other blog of it!
the stroke..
I am self-taught
really....I would like to receive your advice
I learned by observing and listening

isn' important jajajaja

hey, muy buen trabajo

Bayard said...

Phenomenal painting. Always nice to see a new piece of your work.

Aly Fell said...

Alice this is stunning.

Gax said...

awesome ? yep