Tuesday, 21 July 2009

pride and prejudice final

The deadline has hit but I still want to work on this some more, get some nice regency furniture going on in the background and refine everything a lot more (and make darcy stand in a less boring manner). But for now, here's the finished thing.


Javier Alejandro Toledo Cruz said...

quite boring! I preffer your fantastic draws

Gax said...


hum, well, nice one, even if you blow up my eyes with your other works.

Hope everything's fine, miss Duke.

tigerpast said...

Well, Darcy was a boring man, anyway. I never did see what Elizabeth saw in him (other than he was handsome and had gobs of money).

Abigail Larson said...

I love this piece! Such subtlety is just perfect for this book. You worked in their expressive faces and hands as well, and it is beautifully executed. I'm jealous of your Photoshop mastery!

Keep up the great work!