Tuesday, 15 September 2009


I didn't really want to post this emo looking study on its own, but it's all I've got to show, so have it. It was to work out some lighting for something else entirely (the something else is work related and un-bloggable). Sometimes I find it useful to make a quick drawing completely unrelated to what I am working on to figure out shapes/atmosphere/colours/lighting, it removes the pressure, helps me loosen up, and is an excuse to work on something fun. Sometimes those drawings turn out nicely, sometimes they turn into sad emo soldier in the rain.


Cadwell said...

I am constantly impressed with your work and your talent, even in a quick study like this I am interested by your choice of greyish skin tone, the softness around the lips and the gleam in one eye. Yeah, it's a bit emo, but I like it.

Gax said...

not bad not bad miss Alice, too much freelance work these days ?

I hope you'll post more when you'll have time.

(I would love seeing a new "creature" concept, you're really good at making phantasmagorical pics.)

Hurray hurray for Alice.

Clo said...

I find it beautiful Alice. The lighting is super sensual.

PrttyBrd said...

Unbelievably beautiful. Such sad eyes.