Tuesday, 25 May 2010

making progress

Been working on some landscape/environment sketches and thought I might share some of the process here.

OKAY - so, this first sketch was constructed from the image at the top (which is for the same project - what better way to keep the same mood/colours than to work from the same source?). It's just been rotated, duplicated, different layers set to darken, stretched - generally abused.

Needed more light, so I added in some duplicate dodge layers. Getting a bit murky...

On another layer I've drawn a rough layout of the environmental elements needed in there. The background has just been faded out a little so it's not too distracting.

Rendering time. See you in a few hours.


Jon McCoy said...

Loving the subtle lighting Alice!

Timeshadows said...

I am not only continuing to be impressed, but these multi-step images give me a few good ideas of how to incorporate your apparent methodology.
--A nice bit of inspiration. :D

Also, I am seeing very interesting images in those pieces.
--Hidden, or coincidental and worked? My over-active imagination? :D

1). Gargoyle creeping up or watching over an old man with a pointy chin, sleeping on the ground; armed and gas-masked man almost horizontal, facing us; two other figures, at least, including some Mesopotamian Shedu face on the section on the right, in red.

2). Stone idol leaning to the left of image, with a robed figure (perhaps making supplication) standing on the tilted but still upright stone figure.

3). Now in the same scene, an immense blue skinned (male?) figure's bust is in image left-field, wearing colourful robes, looking down upon the supplicant from the direction the upraised arms are extended, hands clasped together. The big blue person looks a bit Na'vi from Avatar. :)

4). Faces in the background rock formation near the river's edge, with a circle of worshippers and cavorters to a blue-robed female figure in the cleft of the rock.

5). nothing unusual, now that the path and refinement of 'up-river' are made evident. The blue robed female figure has largely dissolved into the rock, but the faces on either side still are 'clear'. ;)

In any case, great work.
--Thank you for sharing it. :D

artistaggie said...

Lovin' the colors on these! Sweet :-D

Tom Scholes said...


Claudia said...

i aboslutely love it! such an eye candy :)

you're really good .

Gax said...

Oh yeah she's back, I know why Tom like this lasts pictures, there's a little bit of Scholes' soul in this last work (especially for the colours).

I like iiit too.

Lesley Vamos said...

wow - this is amazing!