Monday, 28 February 2011


I put on twitter a wee while ago that I was revisiting old portfolio pieces that have lost their lustre with time - this is the first. For comparison: the original generic male vs. evil genie


Zoee said...

I think the new background is a huge improvement, although I did like the "chain" on her wrist from the old version being so blue. I think it was a useful composition device to keep your eye moving around. Regardless, both versions look amazing!

Zoee said...

And by her wrist I apparently meant her arm, because I am blind.

alice said...

It's the same colour, just stands out less - I liked it, but a frequent critique was that it was too distracting, so I changed the colours around it! I may noodle a little bit more I guess, I still haven't uploaded it to the old website.