Monday, 9 May 2011

some things

I wanted to mention that I have an Etsy shop ( in which I am listing old work, proof prints, sketches, under drawings - basically a bunch of stuff that would otherwise be sitting in a drawer slowly decaying. There will be some things you've seen, some things you maybe haven't.

In other news, the Gorilla Artfare artbook is now available and it's all killer no filler. I saw all the proof pages and there is nothing rubbish in the whole thing. It's page after page of quality art and illustration. If you want a copy, you can buy it from the CFSL shop!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Mystery Solving Pre-Teens

I felt the unusual inclination to do some fanart - Mildred, Shauna and Lottie from Bad Machinery
I've been reading Scary-Go-Round for a good 7 years now, it was my gateway drug into the wider world of comics on the internet.

It was very important that I draw Mildred wearing what seems to be her favourite shirt.