Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Couple of editorial illustrations

Here are two illustrations for Swiss business magazine Bilan. Fairly unsavoury subject matter (claiming prostitutes as non-taxable business expenses. Don't know what the slant of the article was, but the AD was very keen the illustrations featured sexy ladies!) but hey. I have to eat. They're not the most dynamic illustrations I've ever done, but as they were completed in around 20 hours of work, I'm pleased with how they turned out. Also, I think they are probably my first bit of editorial work! Milestone!

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Melisa Des Rosiers said...

Congrats! Milestone, whoo! And even though you might not feel they're your strongest, I think they're pretty damn nice. Compositions are pleasing and make me want to look at them more than once. Also, I enjoy both color schemes. ^.^