Monday, 30 January 2012

Suit of Armour

From a while back. No purpose at all.


EvilDM said...

Like the armour set - but might I ask, the person wearing it looks both male and female? Was that intentional? I also despair at the lack of sensible and intelligent armour design for female characters both in fantasy art and gaming (such as MMO's like WoW, Guild Wars, Age of Conan, etc) - the designers seem to think a chainmail bikini is the way to go, yet it still offers the 'same' amount of protection as a suit of full plate?

Any thoughts on this?

PS: enjoying your work, btw :o)

alice said...

Well, it's definitely meant to be a woman, but wearing a non-gendered suit of armour.

There's arguments on this subject all over the internet, but I think that the ubiquitous "boobplate" is just character design shorthand. It's an incredibly lazy way of showing that this powerful fighter or whatever is also a female. I'm exposed to a lot of it working in the fantasy art field and it gets boring.

EvilDM said...

I agree. Not that I am a feminist, but I get so hacked off with the sexism within the games arena and the games industry as a whole. I have a friend who is a passionate gamer and a regular player within our gaming circle, but being female she is loathed for her gender to be revealed during our gaming sessions - at least to those unknown to her. It's a sad thing, but true.

Women's Button-embellished 2-piece Suit said...

That is very fantastic armor. That is not just for protection but for fashion too.